We’re not just toy makers, we’re trendsetters, play facilitators, memory makers and joy bringers, always on the lookout for what’s hot and what’s next in kids’ play.

Our secret sauce? A passion for innovation and an obsession with the latest trends! We build brands that kids love, and constantly push the boundaries of play. We’re proud to be the creative force behind some of the biggest brands and most iconic kids’ crazes, and we’re honoured to be a major part in the Australian Toy Industry!

Our People

Dream job alert! Working at our toy company is as awesome as it sounds! We’re a team of big kids at heart, passionate about play and dedicated to bringing joy to kids of all ages. The Headstart crew is the perfect blend of seasoned pros and fresh talent, driving innovation and creativity in everything we do.

Our product and game development team are the idea generators who dream up new toys and figure out what kids will love next. The creative connectors of the sales and marketing team are always on the hunt for fresh ways to share our toys with the world. The delight squad, ensuring our customers get their toys with a smile is the Warehouse crew. And finally, finance – the scorekeepers who track our successes and keep us growing.

And the best part?

Our entrepreneurial vibe means a flexible, supportive work environment that’s all about achieving awesome results!

Come join the fun!

The Journey of Headstart

The toy industry veterans! Headstart was founded in 2007 by David and Andrew Hendy, building on David’s 40-year legacy of toy industry success. With a proven track record of building and growing companies, including Kidz Biz and Funtastic, the largest toy company in Australia, David brought his expertise to Headstart.

Today, we’re proud to be one of the largest Australian-owned toy companies, leading the market with a focus on nurturing long-term brands. Our global presence spans 4 locations – Melbourne, Hong Kong, China, and Los Angeles – with a team of over 70 dedicated employees. We’re driven by a commitment to innovation, TV advertising, and turning brands into household names.