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With years of experience creating toys, Headstart has gained a unique insight and understanding into what makes kids tick.

Now we bring that experience and understanding, as well as a genuine love of story telling to creating engaging content with an inbuilt toyetic quality.


Best Furry Friends

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Best Furry Friends is a fun, adventure girls’ series. Each has her own strengths and weakness, driving the action as they work together in the spirit of friendship and teamwork to overcome the challenge of the day.

52 eleven minute episodes will be ready by end 2021!

Best Furry Friends is fully supported by a full licensing line including popular collectible and feature plush toys.

Unicorn Girls

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Yuni is just trying to fit in, maybe even make some friends.

Then she meets Aurora, her elegant and excitable unicorn and a whole new world of magic and belonging opens to her, a world which quickly changes from wonderful to terrifying. She and her new friends are forced to work together as they are drawn into an ancient feud which threatens her worlds!

6 girls join their unicorns and transform into Unicorn Girls, and together they must stop the evil Queen Obsydia from destroying their bond!


Boxed Warriors

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What happens when the world’s greatest warriors are released after being shrunk, stuffed into a box and delivered to your door?

Find out in 6 hilarious, action packed 6 minute episodes as these tiny titans battle each other for dominance!


Tricky Tractor Trixie

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Trevor loves being a farmer, but he would never be able to get to it without the help of Tricky Tractor Trixie who can transform into anything!

Each episode will feature original music by Greg Page, and stories which are signposted with an inclusive call and response catchphrase:

“It won’t get done unless we do it!

Let’s roll up our sleeves and get right to it!”

Trevor’s Tricky Tractor is being developed together with Greg Page, the original ‘Yellow Wiggle’ and one of the world’s greatest children’s entertainment icons.